Mean monthly temperature ≥18 °C for all 12 months of the year and with annual precipitation ≤ 1000 mm.1 All rainfall occurs during a short period, with little to no rainfall during the rest of the year.1-2 Savannah type grasslands are often found in this climate due to the warm temperature and relatively low rainfall for much of the year. Soils found in this climate maybe highly weathered, often leading to the formation of iron rich soils. This climate is typical of regions near the equator and is found in countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Malawi, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, The Central African Republic, South Sudan, Angola, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Republic of the Congo, Zambia, India, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and China, among others.2


Tropical Dry Photo by Alessandro Desantis On

Soil Health Challenges for Tropical Dry Climates


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